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Event | June: Arroz on Sunday

The first edition of ‘Arroz on Sunday’ took place on Sunday, 25 June, at LA UNIDAD in Vejer de la Frontera.

This edition we had contributions from:

  • – Raymond Balfe – A painter from Ireland who now lives in Vejer where he captures the village streets and its surroundings in his beautiful paintings (https://www.instagram.com/raybalfe_artist/)
  • – Thomas Donso – Originally from Denmark, and living in Vejer since 2005 where they run Restaurant Patria, and since 2015 make the delicious PuraPatria lemonades (https://www.instagram.com/patriapura/)
  • – José Gamero Bermudo – One of the many Spanish craftsmen who can craft magic with materials extracted from Spanish soil (https://www.instagram.com/bermudo_estuco/)

Arroz on Sunday is an initiative by LA UNIDAD, a boutique coworking space in Vejer de la Frontera. The primary objective of this initiative is to foster connections among local residents, visitors, and the wider community.

Arroz on Sunday:

  • – Engaging with individuals you may not know well, fostering new connections and friendships
  • – Enjoying a diverse array of presentations, interviews, performances, and more, all showcasing the rich tapestry of Vejer and its surroundings. Each event focuses on a unique theme, providing an enriching experience every time
  • – Engaging in vibrant conversations and exploring further opportunities for collaboration and personal growth
  • – Enjoy a tapa of arroz, accompanied by your choice of beverage

We hope you join us at LA UNIDAD next time, and embark on a journey into Vejer’s culture, flavors, and inspiring conversations.