What will you get?

Your ideal
customer profile

To start, together we determine the ideal customer profile of your company. To do this, we look at which of your current customers are your ideal customers and what challenges they face. We tailor all new communications accordingly, so that we attract your ideal prospects.

New and clear

If your prospects have to put in too much effort to really understand what you do, you will lose them to your competition.

With a new clear message, we ensure that everyone immediately understands what your company does. And we ensure that your ideal prospects feel addressed by that message.


Ook als je ideale prospects precies begrijpen wat je doet, zullen ze niet zomaar actie ondernemen om met je in contact te komen.

Met de juiste call2actions zorgen we ervoor dat je prospects tot actie overgaan.


Prospects do not like to take risks. Before they hire you or buy your product, they want to make sure you know how to solve their challenges.

By creating a plan that outlines the steps needed to solve your prospects’ challenges, you demonstrate that you are the trusted guide they need.


You will need to make it clear to your website visitors within a few seconds what you do and that you understand their challenges. Otherwise they will click away from your website.

Your website is adjusted so that the ideal prospects who visit your website feel attracted to your message.


Just hoping that your prospects will come to you is not enough.

Together we determine which prospects we will approach proactively. We look for the relevant contact persons for those customers.


Smaller companies in particular make too little use of email marketing. While it is a powerful and cost-effective way to reach your current customers and new prospects.

An email sequence allows you to consistently access your database and develop your relationships with customers and prospects.

Shared office & studio apartment
in Vejer de la Frontera

During the partner program, LA UNIDAD’s shared office and studio apartment in Vejer de la Frontera are at your disposal. It allows us to literally work even closer together – for a few days or even a few weeks if you want – and share ideas and feedback quickly. And it gives you the opportunity to discover this beautiful white town in the south of Spain.


let's meet

Would you like to see our space before joining? Come and visit our coworking space. Please fill out the form and our manager will get back asap.