1-day Marketing Marvel: I work wonders for growing software companies in just 1 day a week

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Are you still doing your
marketing ‘on the side’?

Status quo:
– Your software company is still growing
– You don’t need full-time marketing yet.
– Now no one is responsible for marketing.
– You do marketing in your spare hours.
– HR will organize an ad-hoc event.
– You try to let an intern do the job.

  • The result:
  • – Your messaging isn’t clear.
  • – Website is not updated regularly.
  • – Findability of your website is low.
  • – No content written on a regular basis.
  • – Random posts on social media.
  • – Ad-hoc marketing activities.

book intro

It’s time for the 1-day Marketing Marvel plan:

  1. 1. Book an intro meeting to talk (online or in-person) about your marketing struggles and needs.

2. Sign a 1-day Marketing Marvel contract for 32 hours a months for a min. period of 3 months.

3. I will start with conducting interviews with your customers, to learn about their ambitions and language. 


4. I will then optimize your messaging based on what I learned from your customers using a storytelling framework.

5. And last but certainly not leas I will create and execute your marketing strategy.

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Prospects will understand why they should buy your product.

Your website will get  visitors who are ready to buy.

Marketing activities to spread the word and get you in front of prospects are executed.

Your business will grow more and consistently.

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What is your investment?

Without a dedicated marketing person, it will stay something that’s done in someone’s spare hours.

When marketing is being done by people who aren’t actually marketers, only the ‘fun’ activities will be done. 

Not having a marketing person with experience in demand generation, is costing more than you think.

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